The Foundation's

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association sets out (among others) the Foundation's domicile, date of founding, founder, object, net assets, profit and loss appropriation, rules regarding the Board of Directors, signing powers and rules regarding financial records. On the basis of the object of the Foundation, the Board of Directors has resolved a number of categories eligible to apply for a grant.



The Board of Directors will make efforts over time to allocate grants to a group of persons satisfying the requirements set out in the Foundation’s object. As mentioned above, the main category of recipients is young opera singers.


Importance will be attached to the application’s quality, including the artistic skills of the applicant, and that the purpose of the application complies with the Foundation's object.


The Board of Directors has laid down the following criteria, which are taken into consideration by the Board in its assessment of each application:


  • As a minimum, the applicant must be a Bachelor of Music (BMus) or possess a equivalent professional level at the Board of Directors' discretion.


  • When applying, the applicant must submit a video in which the applicant demonstrates his/her singing proficiency to enable the Board of Directors to assess its general impression of the applicant.


  • Recommendations from relevant, competent, professional individuals, e.g. singing tutors/instructors, must be attached. The contact details of the relevant, competent, professional individuals must be attached.


  • The age criterion is subject to a flexible interpretation whereby it may be taken into consideration whether the applicant is at the beginning of his/her career or has recently made a career change.


  • At the Board of Directors' discretion, the applicant must, in the view of the Board, possess a potential for development within the proficiency of opera.


  • The applicant must possess a potential for the promotion of opera as an international profession in Denmark, for instance by promoting the performing of operas in Denmark or as an ambassador of Danish opera. The Board of Directors notes that it is not a requirement that the applicant has a Danish background or is a Danish citizen.


  • The Board of Directors further specifies that the Foundation must allocate grants to the development of a professional career as an opera singer in Denmark, for instance by allocating grants to:


Master classes within opera

Vocal technique or linguistic training

Acting technique


Opera-related projects or performances; provided, however, that these involve an experienced director or conductor capable of guiding the young opera singers. At the same time, the project must involve an educational potential.


After having received a grant and the activity, for which the grant was allocated, has ended, the applicant must forward a report to the Board of Directors, which may be published on the Foundation’s website.


A Danish version of the Foundation's Articles of Association is available below.



The Foundation was established on 5 December 2017. The Board of Directors constitutes five members with a keen interest in opera.




To honour Hanne Lomholdt's lifelong passion for opera by providing financial support to opera singers at an early stage of their career.



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